TCERA is a retirement system, organized under the 1937 Act, County Employees Retirement Law, which provides retirement, disability, and death benefits to the employees, retirees, and former employees of the County of Tulare, the Tulare County Superior Courts and the Strathmore Public Utility District.

TCERA’s principal responsibilities include: Management of the trust fund; delivery of retirement, disability, and death benefits to eligible members, administration of cost-of-living programs, and general assistance in retirement and related benefits.

TCERA Commitment
TCERA is committed to providing excellent service for its plan participants. The Mission is achieved through a competent, professional, impartial and open decision-making process. Investments are managed to decrease risk while increasing returns. TCERA exists for the sole purpose of providing benefits to our members with the goals of maximizing member service, enhancing member communication to increase awareness of available benefits, and minimizing employer contributions.


  • To enhance communications with members and employers.
  • To develop an environment which improves the Retirement Board’s ability to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities.
  • To improve the level and delivery of services provided to plan participants.
  • To achieve and sustain top quartile investment performance as measured by the Public Fund Universe.
  • To attract, develop and retain competent and professional staff.