Death Benefits


If a member dies while in retirement status with TCERA, certain death benefits are available to qualified beneficiaries.  The actual benefits depend on the retirement option selected by the member, the status of the beneficiary(ies), and the status of the member at retirement. Because of the complexity of some of these benefits, TCERA staff will review the following benefits and options in detail with beneficiaries upon notification of a member’s death.

Benefits paid to the beneficiary of a retired member depend on the Option selected by the retiree at the time of retirement.  Please refer to the RETIREMENT OPTIONS section of the TCERA Plan Summary for descriptions of the death benefit available under each option.  More details can be found in the TCERA Plan Summary in the DEATH BENEFITS section of the document.

In addition, a one-time lump sum burial benefit of $5,000 may be payable to the beneficiary of a retired member, provided the member retired from a TCERA employer rather than a reciprocal system. If the member was last employed by a reciprocal agency, the most recent employer is responsible for the burial benefit.  Reciprocal status does not affect other TCERA benefits to which the beneficiary(ies) may be entitled. The burial benefit is paid only upon the death of the retired member; it is not paid upon the death of a beneficiary.