Retirement Planning


TCERA offers a regular service retirement benefit to members who meet the age and length of service requirements, this is a lifetime monthly retirement allowance calculated based on the member's membership type and tier, years of TCERA retirement service credit, age at retirement, and final average monthly salary.

TCERA holds virtual and in-person informational seminars for members to help ease the process and answer any concerns regarding what to expect. Check our calendar for our upcoming seminar dates.

For members nearing retirement age, TCERA recommends logging into their MyTCERA Portal and completing an estimate  If you’re not yet enrolled in MyTCERA, contact the Retirement Office for more information.  If you don’t have access to MyTCERA you may fill out a Retirement Estimate Form and submit it to our office for processing. 

TCERA recommends speaking with a retirement specialist if you are considering a retirement date within 90 days.