Working After Retirement


Retired Member Returning to Work in an Extra Help Capacity 

Following a mandatory break in service required by law, retired members may return to work in an Extra Help capacity without affecting pension benefits. Hours worked per fiscal year may not exceed 960 (720 if the retirement was associated with a “Golden Handshake”). If the number of hours worked exceeds the legal limit, TCERA is required to suspend the member’s pension.

Retired Member Returning to Work in a Regular Employment Capacity 

Retired members may not work for a TCERA participating employer in a regular permanent job classification while being paid a retirement benefit. Members considering returning to work in such a capacity should contact the Retirement Office for more information. The member will need to complete a Reinstatement Application which must be approved be approved by the Board of Retirement prior to accepting the position..

Upon return to work, the member’s pension benefit will be suspended for the duration of employment.

For more information regarding returning to work status after retirement, please review the Return to Work Summary and contact our office with any additional questions.