My Pension Check


TCERA processes pension payments on the last business day of each month, this can be found on our Calendar.  However, actual availability of your funds should be confirmed with your banking institution. If you need to update your banking information to receive your payment, TCERA asks you complete the Direct Deposit Form before the 15th day of the month to ensure it is updated before payment. If you are expecting a live paper check but did not received it, you will need to fill out the Lost Warrant (Check) Form and submit it to TCERA for a new check to be reissued. 

If you have questions regarding your account or are in need of additional paperwork such as an income verification letter or replacement 1099-R form, you will need to submit an Information Request Form.

If you have additional questions regarding your pension check or retirement account you can reference our Contact Us page in order to speak with one of our Retirement Specialists.