Changes in Your Life


Life is constantly changing whether you are just starting a new job, starting a new family, or retiring to a new location. TCERA needs to be aware of major changes in order to accurately provide information and benefits to you. Not all changes can be done in our system If you are an active member, you will need to notify your department payroll clerk of demographic changes such as address or name changes, so that TCERA can receive the updated information in our system. If you you need to update beneficiaries or have recently or are currently going through a divorce, TCERA will need to be notified directly to make the necessary changes in our system. 

If you have retired or are retiring soon from TCERA and are planning on moving, changing banks, getting married, filing for divorce or need to make adjustments to your beneficiaries, it's important to notify TCERA, fill out the corresponding paperwork, and turn it in to our office for your records.